Here are some blog articles, I've written. I write about anything from code to cancer.

Mr. Robot Hides Data on Audio Disks, And So Can You! (Season 3 Spoilers)

26 December, 2017

Mr. Robot hides RSA keys in images hidden in an audio CD, and it’s a little involved. I go through the step-by-step details, and some suggestions on how to improve it.

Quick n' Dirty Protein/DNA Low-Complexity Masking Implementation

30 January, 2017

I explain how to identify regions of DNA/Protein that repeat themselves or are made of few nucleic/amino acids, and implement a simple solution in Python.

Quantifying the Trump & Obama Inauguration Crowds

23 January, 2017

There's been much ado about how many people attempted the Trump & Obama inaugurations. I take a crack at estimating the crowd size with the power of math!